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ACLU visits Savannah Film Alliance meeting to discuss potential impacts of ‘Heartbeat Bill’


The backlash of the Heartbeat Bill has production companies threatening not to bring their business to the state of Georgia if the bill goes into effect.

That’s one of the reasons the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia is fighting what they call the most restrictive abortion ban. The executive director was in Savannah Thursday, updating the Savannah Film Alliance.

Workers in Savannah’s film industry are worried about the nearly $10 billion economic impact it has on our state when film crews stay in our hotels, eat at our restaurants, and spend their money in Savannah.

The ACLU says they are fighting this bill for women’s reproductive rights, but the bill could also have a detrimental impact on film crews.

Thursday, ACLU Georgia Director Andrea Young updated concerned film workers who have – along with Planned Parenthood – filed a lawsuit and injunction against the legislation, saying it’s unconstitutional and goes against Roe v. Wade. Young said they have monthly calls with groups in other states like Mississippi and Missouri who are also in this fight, but she says we are already foreseeing the loss of business ahead of the bill. See more at WTOC.


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