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Atlanta Upside Down Tour, Things get a little Stranger


One of our favorite shows is Netflix’s Stranger Things and we thought that you would love to see some of the great locations standing in as Hawkins, Indiana, Chicago and more! With the release of Season 3 we have even more spots and you won’t want to miss joining in on the fun running around the city like Eleven and the gang! You’ll discover all the great locations to hide out from the Demogorgon, Demodogs and especially that Mind Flayer!

Join the Atlanta Movie Tours Insiders for our newest tour featuring the strange, but curious locations featured in the Netflix show Stranger Things! Benny’s Burgers, “Chicago”, the homeless camp, arcade, sheriff’s station, pumpkin patch, Hopper’s cabin, the entrance to the upside down and so much more! Your Insiders from set will entertain you with locations, trivia and behind the scenes stories you can’t get anywhere else!

  • In Season 2 did you really believe Eleven & Kali were in Chicago? We’ll prove to you they weren’t, in case the Twitter eruption over the skyline didn’t do it
  • Want to check out Hopper’s cabin first-hand? You got it!
  • The Palace Arcade, Sheriff’s Station and a host of other great spots will be pointed out along the way and we’re always working on more!

Check out our location sponsors and use promo code AMTEGGO to experience the Hopper’s Cabin escape room at Escape Woods for yourself!

We’re also working on a long-format tour so you can experience Downtown Hawkins for yourself so stay-tuned!

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