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California’s Proposal to Lure Shoots From Anti-Abortion States Advances


A proposed California tax credit to attract productions that leave a state that’s implementing fetal heartbeat anti-abortion legislation has cleared a key hurdle in the State Senate.

The bill, which would cover five years with a $50 million annual allocation, was approved by Senate Governance and Finance Committee and is now headed to the Fiscal Senate Appropriations Committee.

Los Angeles Assembly member Luz Rivas authored Assembly Bill 1442, which has been dubbed the “Share Our Values” bill. Georgia is among the states that has approved anti-abortion legislation, which goes into effect next year if it survives a court challenge. Disney and Netflix have threatened to stop producing in Georgia if that happens.

“In California, we believe women are valued and have a basic moral right to control their own body,” said Rivas. “The same states that have systematically lured film productions from California are continuing their historical assaults on women’s rights. As these attacks on women take place, AB 1442 provides the film industry an opportunity to stand with women and share our values while bringing critical jobs back to the state.” See more at Variety.


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