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Film Commission New Boss Colleen Bell On Increasing Tax Incentives, Targeting Georgia


“We want to be able to have the best conditions here in California to maintain our competitiveness and have people filming and producing here in our state,” declares California Film Commission director Colleen Bell of her job keeping Hollywood in the home of Hollywood. “And I do feel a sense of urgency about that.”

Replacing the 15-year long tenure of now ex-CFC Executive Director Amy Lemish for the non-confirmation required gig, Bell was appointed to run the Hollywood Blvd-based state division by Governor Gavin Newsom in late May. Overseeing a $330 million annual allocation program for both big screen and small screen projects, ex-producer and ex-ambassador Bell comes to the job in a time of fast change that may require all her skills from all of her background to keep the Golden State in the running attracting and maintaining production at home.

“The heads of the studios and the distribution platforms and otherwise who are making the decisions whether or not to keep the production in Georgia or to increase their production. They’re the ones who we are going to be needing to make this conversation with. I hope that they’ll look back at California and say, well, you know what, another reason to shoot in California because we know that the people who work for us, that their rights will be protected if they’re working in the state of California. That’s important.” See more here.


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