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Florida Counties Sweeten The Pot For Filmmakers


Numerous films and TV shows have been filmed in Florida through the years, from Burn Notice and Miami Vice to The Truman Show, The Punisher and Scarface.

The state used to entice producers with financial incentives. That program ended a few years ago, and many productions set in Florida have moved elsewhere. Some of the state’s largest counties are now offering their own incentives.

Ben Affleck’s 2016 gangster film Live By Night was a critical and commercial flop, losing over $75 million. Set in Tampa’s Ybor City neighborhood in the 1920s and 30s, Affleck (who directed) found it cheaper to recreate Ybor in Brunswick, Georgia.

“You’ve got to juggle what’s worth more to you: Do you want another 10 cars and 200 extras or do you want one less shooting day? There’s that kind of math that goes into it,” Affleck told the Tampa Bay Times just before the film’s release.

That math, according to Affleck, included Georgia’s tax incentives. Films and TV productions can apply for a 30% rebate on expenses. Those incentives have helped turn Georgia into a film powerhouse. The Marvel movies, Stranger Things, and The Walking Deadall shoot there. See more here.


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