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Lights, cameras could mean economic action for Augusta


Now that Hollywood has started coming to Augusta, sometimes Augusta has to go to Hollywood.

Film Augusta is the agency within the Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau that deals with film and television production companies who are considering shooting their projects in the Augusta area. Earlier this month, representatives of Film Augusta conducted a panel discussion, touting Augusta to filmmakers, at the HollyShorts Film Festival in Los Angeles. A co-founder of the festival, actor and producer Daniel Sol, now lives in Augusta.

Turns out Augusta can be a pretty easy sell to the entertainment industry. And that’s exactly what Film Augusta is counting on.

Before cutting to that action, though, it helps to show the audience a flashback.

In 2002, the state of Georgia introduced tax incentives to lure production companies east, out of California, to produce movies and TV shows here. When those incentives were boosted in 2008, Hollywood really took notice.

The state’s Entertainment Industry Investment Act provides a 20% tax credit for companies that spend $500,000 or more on production and post-production in Georgia. It can be one big project or a bunch of little projects.

Have you seen a movie lately with the Georgia Film Office’s peach logo near the end of the credits? If producers slap that logo onto their final product, that’s an additional 10% tax credit. See more here.


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