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Macon Film Festival, Preview


A spotlight is being cast on a crop of homegrown filmmakers during this year’s Macon Film Festival. For the first time, a “Macon Made Shorts” film block will be showcased Saturday, August 17th  from 10:30am-Noon at the Hargray Capitol Theatre. The four short films featured in the 14th annual festival were all hard-pressed for production in Macon’s fledgling local film industry, but all the filmmakers involved agree on Georgia’s potential.

Getting into the field is the first obstacle to overcome. William Adams worked as a registered EMS, a news reporter at the Citizen Georgian, and also had a landscaping job with Real Turf Solutions in Fort Valley, GA. He recalled, “My God… In the middle of the summer heat, I thought I was gonna die. Everything in me was telling me, ‘You can’t do this, you need to quit!’” But after a lot of hard work, Adams is now the media producer for Real Turf Solutions. “It’s worked out great,” he said, “but the time in the field was real beneficial to me as a person.”

Adams’ role at Real Turf coincides well with his production company, ShadowCast Studios.  At only 23 and completely self-taught, Adams has turned his house into a full recording and editing studio with all of the equipment needed for both jobs. He built a professional sound booth out of a towel closet, ran all of the cables and acoustic paneling, and set up his website and online booking system. And if that’s not dedication, he also sleeps on the floor of his studio in a sleeping bag because he likes to wake up and get right to work. See more here.


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