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Macon Film Festival welcomes in new directors


The Macon Film Festival began last Thursday night and ran through Sunday in Macon. Attendees saw budding directors show off their flicks, but Hollywood has made its impact on Macon, Georgia and on the film festival. Phillip Wheeler is a director making his debut at the Macon Film Festival. His film is called “Euphorica.”

“It touches on substance abuse and basically taking that route in life, and then it also shows making the right choice,” he explained.

He says he’s influenced by a lot of directors worldwide, but it isn’t lost on him that Macon has become a movie town.

“I always heard about the movies being made here in Georgia — ‘The Crazies,’ I remember they filmed either ‘Need for Speed’ or ‘Fast and Furious’ — one of those car films,” he said.

The Georgia Film Commission says those car films and every other big production brought in 92,000 jobs in 2018 that generated $9.5 billion.

Priscilla Esser is the Macon Film Festival president. She says the Macon Film Festival is growing every year, and so is Georgia’s reputation as a Southern Hollywood. See more at 13WMAZ.


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