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Savannah Profile: Christian Hawkins // 1st AC // 2nd AC


I was born and raised in central Florida where I met my wife Genevieve. I enlisted in the Army as a medic, served for five years, and completed a one-year deployment to Iraq. After the military, I attended SCAD for film and television production while working with local producers on industrial and documentary work.

I have since been working in the camera department for various feature film and television productions. I support our local film community and help when I can with my fellow filmmakers’ independent productions.

Honestly my most beloved moment on set was being able to work with Richard Dreyfuss. Growing up I watched Jaws hundreds of times, and, like many, I attribute that film as being the influence which made me want to pursue work in the film business. He was kind and thoughtful as he would sit with crew during lunch and tell us stories of productions past. After working with various talents throughout the years, it was refreshing to see a seasoned veteran actor so humble.

For as long as I can remember, through all my life’s changes, trials, and tribulations, there has always been one common element at the root of who I am. I am a story teller. Simple for some but definitive for me, it is my true passion. With the only exception being the love for my family, there is nothing I cherish more than the worlds that I can create.

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Courtesy Savannah Regional Film Commission. 

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