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Union-Backed Study Suggests State Film Tax Credit Is Working in Western New York


Over the past five years, movie studios have chosen to film major productions like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, Marshall, and now A Quiet Place 2 in Western New York.

“We have this big one in town now but there’s more to come and I can’t really talk about it quite yet but there’s some really big folks that are considering Western New York for the next backdrop for their film,” Buffalo Niagara Film Commissioner Tim Clark said

Clark said for decades, big movies were few and far between in the region but that has steadily changed since the New York State Film Tax Credit began in 2004. He said a new analysis confirms what he’s witnessed.

“The report shows explosive growth in Upstate New York which pretty much mirrors exactly what we thought,” he said.

According to the report, commissioned by several unions who support the credit, productions that took advantage of it accounted for nearly $4 billion in the state’s economy in 2017 and 48,000 jobs. Production jobs since the program started are up 55 percent. Four of five of those jobs supported by the credit are in New York City, but Clark said given the population breakdown, that makes sense. See more here.


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