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Young filmmaker from Lee County growing into her craft


Even though she does not live in Georgia anymore, Kali Bailey calls herself a “229 filmmaker.”

Bailey has been working in film for several years, ever since Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick started making films in Albany through Sherwood Pictures before establishing Kendrick Brothers.

A Lee County native, Bailey’s experience with the Kendricks brothers goes back to the 2006 film “Facing the Giants.”

“Helping them make those films is what gave me a jump-start,” Bailey said.

In “Giants,” she worked as an extra. In the follow-up, “Fireproof,” she was a production assistant, a grip for “Courageous” and for “War Room” an assistant director. Shortly after graduating from the University of Georgia in 2012 with a film degree, she moved to Nashville.

Bailey still is connected to Georgia, with much of her work concentrated in the Atlanta area. In her job, she has been able to develop a number of strong professional relationships. See more at the Albany Herald.


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