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Carolyn Pitt Launches Film Connx


Thanks to state incentives and tax credits, the film and TV industry in Georgia has grown exponentially over the last few years. In the 2018 fiscal year, the industry saw a $9.5 billion economic impact from a record 455 film and television productions shot in the state.

At the heart of that growth are the crews working behind the scenes, with tens of thousands of jobs and contracts that need to be filled. Job postings, however, remain fragmented across Facebook groups, email and text threads, and word of mouth.

Intellectual property and entertainment lawyer Carolyn Pitt heard this frustration time and time again from her clients in the industry.

“The system is really analog and chaotic in the way it operates,” Pitt tells Hypepotamus. “Crew members have a very difficult time working on productions that are coming to our state.”

Pitt found that producers and studios were spending thousands bringing in crew members from L.A. and New York, as that was often faster than waiting for job applications to trickle in. See more at Hypepotamus.


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