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Savannah Tech: Moves far beyond ‘trade school’ label


IN A TIME of skyrocketing tuition and student debt at other universities, and the spectre of automation threatening entire industries, it’s Savannah Tech’s time to shine.

The Southside institution has left the “trade school” stigma behind to become a full-fledged player in the Georgia university system.

From its more glamorous fields of study (its acclaimed film and culinary programs) to its more gritty fields (welding, truck driving), Savannah Technical College prepares its students for real jobs in the real world, often at a small fraction of the cost of the flagship institutions.

“The number-one question we always ask is, did we place our students in a job in their field of training, or as close as possible to their field of training?” says Savannah Technical College President Kathy S. Love. “Part of our success has been not letting that mission creep come in and trying to be all things to all people.”

Over and over, you hear that workforce development is one of, if not the biggest, obstacles to wage and job growth in Savannah. Workforce development is the central mission of Savannah Tech. See more at Connect Savannah.


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