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These 7 Movies & Hit Shows Are Being Filmed In Georgia This Fall Season


Atlanta and other various spots in Georgia are known to be the hot spots to film and to cast extras. The Georgia film taxes are not as high as those in California and New York, so it makes for the perfect destination for popular movies and hit shows. Most of these movies filming now in Georgia are some of the most well known and they were shot right here.

The Walking Dead, Stranger Things and Ozark are just a few examples of what has been filmed in Atlanta and a couple of other spots in the state. Be on the lookout for these seven feature films and shows that are being shot around Georgia this fall season.

Dynasty Season 3
Why You Need To Watch It: The Carrington’s and the Colby’s have made their way back to the ATL. This billionaire family is filled with drama and scandal while living the lavish lifestyle in Atlanta, Georgia. They constantly reference to the Braves and other Atlanta locations that locals would be familiar with.

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