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Tyler Perry Moved To Tears By Signs Pointing To His Studios


Tyler Perry, whose film and television production company is poised to become one of the world’s largest, said he was moved to tears on Wednesday when he saw an Atlanta interstate sign being replaced with one pointing to his company. In a Facebook post, Perry recalled that when he moved to Atlanta, “I came here with nothing, lived off Sylvan Road, ended up homeless and starving, but I was always praying and believing. I was always keeping the faith, knowing that if I worked hard, did my absolute best, kept my integrity, honored every blessing, and remained grateful through it all that everything would work out.

“And it has, thank God.”

Tyler Perry Studios is continuing its move into the once-thriving but now abandoned Fort McPherson Army base south of downtown. “Atlanta has truly been the promised land for me,” Perry wrote. “Even in my darkest times when I wanted to give up, I kept believing, and I asked God to help me to believe past any naysayer, any doubt, and any problem. See more at Patch.


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