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Film industry still thrives in Georgia, Court puts hold on ‘heartbeat’ law


Some workers in Georgia’s film industry say they are feeling better about their prospects now that a court has temporarily halted Georgia’s new abortion law, which was due to take effect January 1.

No industry in Georgia reacted more harshly than the film industry when the legislature passed and the governor signed the state’s new heartbeat law.

“In the beginning I think we all kind of freaked out a little bit,” said Karen Ceesay, an actor with a recurring role on ‘The Walking Dead’ and other Georgia productions.

Since Gov. Brian Kemp signed the heartbeat law, the state’s film industry continued to work – and continued to collect the state tax credits that drew filmmakers to Georgia.

Producers like Atlanta’s Tyler Perry stay put – and films and TV shows all over the state scheduled new productions.

“It’s a relief. We were worried,” said Ceesay, who is pro-choice and worried that the heat surrounding the abortion law would dry up her opportunities. But she stayed busy.

“We are an industry (in Georgia) because we save people money,” Ceesay said. “(Filmmakers are) coming here to save money in addition to having a multitude of locations. But really, it’s about the bottom line. It’s about the dollar.” See more at 11Alive.


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