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Local Filmmaker Stephen Peppers Releases Second Movie


As Georgia continues its growth in the film and entertainment industry, more creative talent outside of the Atlanta “Loop” has gotten involved in the business of making movies.

Georgia’s film industry has become a multi-billion dollar enterprise and many young filmmakers are now garnering a little more support from family and friends who realize that investing in the creative process could be more than just a hobby.

In the northwest Georgia town of Summerville, one such creative young man, Stephen Peppers, has been making movies since he was eight-years old and recently completed his second movie.

The premiere of “Dream Catcher” launched recently and the short film is getting great reviews. Stephen produced the piece using locals as talent and production crew. The film stars Levi Burdick as Detective Adam Hood and Lucas Duvall as Mac Johnson.

Dream Catcher is the story of Mac Johnson, a man who accidentally gets himself in legal trouble, and Detective Adam Hood, who is a victim of Johnson’s. See more at AllOnGeorgia.



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