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Saporta Report: Ryan Millsap, CEO of Blackhall Studios


The top executive of one of the largest movie studios in Georgia is making a big bet.

Ryan Millsap, CEO of Blackhall Studios, is planning to triple the size of his existing sound stages – from 210,000 square feet to 600,000 square feet, which would make it the largest purpose-built movie studio in Georgia.

But he knows he is taking a substantial risk.

Georgia’s stature as a major movie and television production center is “on the bubble” depending on what happens to the anti-abortion “heartbeat bill” and the possible reintroduction of a religious liberty bill in next year’s legislature.

“I’m making a bet that as Georgians learn how this industry actually works, they will want to maintain it,” Millsap said in a lengthy interview and tour of his studio facilities. “I’m pressing ahead with our expansion in the belief and faith that wise Georgia minds will prevail.” See more here.


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