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SIEGE: Update on the October 13-14 Event


If you want to attend SIEGE, online sales end Friday. Buy your pass now. Prices go up at the door.

Our speakers list is HERE. Speakers include:
Nick Laing, senior publishing producer at Amazon games
Shawn Alexander Allen, founder of NuChallenger LLC
Marisa Tontaveetong, executive director of ASIFA-South
Vince Mohan, associate producer at War Drum Studios
Allie Young, founder of Axis Replay
Michael Brown, CEO of Vicarious PR
Allyssa Lewis, founder of My Animation Life
Andrew Beck, founder of Elastic Audio Co
Bob Carter, voice actor at the Neighborhood Studio
September Day Carter, voice actor at the Neighborhood Studio
Curtis Hartung, senior software engineer at Tripwire Interactive,
Ian Schreiber, professor at Rochester Institute of Technology
Sandee Chamberlain, professor at KSU
Joe Cassavaugh, founder of Puzzles by Joe
Nicole Britton, voice actor
James Simpson, Eclipse Games
Michael Stumhofer, founder of HOF Studios
Robin Korman, professor at Full Sail University
Paul Bartlett, mobile developer at Georgia Department of Public Safety
Ryan Kline, Lazer Bread Games
Jeff Yu, VR artist at Pulseworks
Stephen Johnston, CTO at Launch Media Network
Matt Wesdock, sound designer at Wabi Sabi Sound
Dov Jacobson, founder of GamesThatWork
and more!

The IndieCluster will also be at SIEGE. Check out the following games while they compete for cash prizes and our Silver Excellence (Silv-E) awards:
Baby Adopter Galaxy
Elemensional Rift
Project: Mobile Dive
Justice Rises
Tiny Kingdoms
Zap Blastum: Galactic Tactics
AmaranTime Arena
Oyaoya Sumi
Kingdom of Kuru
Sync or Sink
Community On Demand!

SIEGE is doing a number of things differently this year. First of all, SIEGE will officially run Sunday – Tuesday, over Columbus Day (Monday, Oct. 14) at the KSU Center. Most of our regular events – Investment Conference, Indie Game Showcase, College Fair, keynote presentation, game dev tracks and the like will return. We are also adding a Professional Development Track for people already working in the game industry.




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