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Tinseltown down South: SCAD Savannah Film Festival now a staple of locals, industry alike


To say Savannah has become a movie town would be an understatement.

The Hostess City may lack the storied history of the gems of the East and West coast when it comes to Hollywood legacy, but the surge of jobs and opportunities presented by the local film industry has caused the monolithic gatekeepers in Los Angeles and New York City to pay more attention to what is happening not just in Savannah, but Georgia at large.

Before movies like “Magic Mike XXL,” “Gifted” or “Gemini Man” helped to put Savannah as a filming location on the map, there was the SCAD Savannah Film Festival, which had been bringing in talent and creatives alike for 22 years. “We have such a rich industry here in Savannah, phenomenal filmmakers that are working on a lot of the movies and TV series that are coming through,” Andra Reeve-Rabb, dean of the school of entertainment arts at SCAD, said.

“For the actors in the community to have an opportunity to (interact with visiting actors) that they never have access to usually is a tremendous part of this festival. (There are) filmmakers engaging with casting directors and actors, who never get an opportunity to actually get in the room with these casting directors. They’re there. And not only are they answering the questions, but they stay after and they meet the community. They’re incredible. You know, they have an incredible generosity, and that’s why they come. They love this festival because of that community and that student engagement.” See more at Savannah Morning News.


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