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How 3 brothers from Cobb succeed in faith-based films’ growing market


The Kendrick brothers are taking the ministry beyond a Sunday worship service and onto movie screens around the world.

And if that means preaching to the choir, that’s fine, too.

After introducing faith-based films “Fireproof, ” “Courageous” and “War Room,” the Albany-based Kendrick Brothers company recently added a new movie to the mix.

Their sixth film, “Overcomer,” was released in August and, as of October, had earned more than $34 million at the box office.

All but one film was shot in Georgia. They filmed “War Room” in North Carolina and part of “Overcomer” in Tennessee.

“Overcomer” tells the story of a high school basketball coach whose championship dreams are crushed when the town’s biggest plant closes and families begin leaving the area.

The coach, played by Alex Kendrick, was urged to train a troubled teen in long-distance running after questioning his own worth. See more at WSBTV.


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