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Israeli Film Mogul Invests in Georgia


Georgia’s multibillion-dollar movie industry is in for another infusion of confidence, jobs, and bottom-line enhancement. Jerusalem-born Adi Cohen, now of New York, and co-principal Mark Damon of Los Angeles, plan to invest $150 million in the post-production phase, including editing, special effects, music and sound.

From his vacation home in Barcelona, Cohen told the AJT, “We chose Georgia because of the tax credit {the highest in the U.S.] but Georgia was missing the last part in the process. In the past, the filming was done here, but then left for LA to finish the job,” he said. “All of this was escaping Georgia. I would state that this is 15 to 25 percent of the production budget, which should not be leaving the state. Think also of the additional jobs that will anchor here.” See more at Atlanta Jewish Times.


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