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Mark Simon, Atlanta Artist/Author, Releases Latest Book


Atlanta author and story artist on local productions including The Walking Dead, Black Lightning, and Dynasty, Mark Simon, has released his eleventh book, Start At The Top.

Simon moved his storyboard studio to Atlanta for all the productions moving to town. But he also continues to write his books late at night after wrap.

Start At The Top is a book of inspirational success stories on how Simon quick rose to the top of any career he chose, from skateboards to construction, from training, advertising, and writing to the entertainment industry. Stories include landing his dream job with Spielberg in just 15 minutes, along with the lessons he learned from each one.

But, he also included stories of how some of his attempts to jump forward in his career crashed and burned, like when he blew a chance to work with the writer of the SpongeBob SquarePants movie.

“The original inspiration for this book was to inspire my twin boys, who are now in college and starting on their own careers,” says Simon.

While Simon has only lived in Atlanta a few years, there’s at least one local story included in the book of how he landed his job on the hugely successful series, The Walking Dead.

Start At The Top is available on Amazon both in print and on the free Kindle app.


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