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Who won the debate? Tyler Perry and Georgia’s film industry


Joe Biden had his moments, some very good and others a little dicey. Kamala Harris put in a strong performance. Pete Buttigieg did well, as did Amy Klobuchar. And in the first 20 minutes, it seemed that no one could get into the camera frame but Elizabeth Warren.

By playing host to the cream of the nation’s Democratic elite, Perry and his crew may have just guaranteed that they won’t be held hostage when the issue of abortion rears its head again in Georgia. That’s likely to be early next year, when the new law to bar most abortions in the state is expected to go to trial.

Save for a few quick crowd shots, we do not know who filled the 1,000 white folding chairs in the Oprah Winfrey sound stage last night. In terms of maximum media exposure and maximum privacy, Tyler Perry Studios was a perfect site. Several hundred reporters, photographers, and TV crew members were kept corralled in the adjacent Whoopi Goldberg sound stage – blind to the coming and going of VIPs. See more at AJC.


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