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Georgia Department of Economic Development Comments on Film Tax Credit Audit


The Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) welcomed the interest by the Department of Audits and Accounts (DOAA) in improving administration of the state’s film tax credit program.

GDEcD submitted comprehensive responses to the audit prior to final publication to ensure that the final version painted an accurate picture of specific findings, gave appropriate history and context to the reader, and to explain where there were limitations to precise reporting. Ultimately, a portion of GDEcD’s response and commentary was not included in DOAA’s final report alongside the information presented by DOAA. GDEcD’s comprehensive response to the audit is available at this link:

(The second half of the audit was released today. View the response here. We will have more later on this new portion. GDEcD Response to Impact Audit 12.31.19)

The film industry has had a tremendously positive impact in Georgia, and GDEcD looks forward to continuing to work with the legislature to enhance the documented success of the film tax credit and improve the administration of the credit along with our partners at the Department of Revenue.

No other film production center has seen more growth in film and television infrastructure than Georgia over the past several years. Direct spending alone by the film industry grew by 4,000% from 2007 through 2018, and GDEcD looks forward to continuing to support this rapidly growing industry in our state. In fiscal year 2019, 391 productions filmed in Georgia represented by 26 feature films, 31 independent films, 214 television series, 91 commercials and 29 music videos. In fiscal year 2018, film and television productions spent $2.7 billion in Georgia. Recent productions include Lady and the Tramp, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead and Zombieland II.


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