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These 6 Movies & Shows Are Being Filmed All Around Georgia Right Now


You probably already know that Atlanta has become a filming hot spot. Productions filming in Atlanta get an up to 30 percent tax break, more and more movies and TV series have decided to film in Georgia. In fact, the film industry in Georgia has gotten so big it has now been dubbed “Y’allywood.”

Wondering what’s being filmed in Georgia right now? Whether you want to try to score a role as an extra or just want to see if you can spot any familiar locations in upcoming movies and TV shows coming out this year, these are the films you should be on the lookout for.

The Tomorrow War

Why You Need To Watch It: Chris Pratt’s new movie The Tomorrow War may just be one of the biggest films to be coming out of Atlanta right now. In the film, a man must come to terms with his past so he can successfully fight off an alien invasion, but it gets complicated when scientists figure out how to draft soliders from the past to come fight in this new war.

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