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Faking Florida – Good business for other states like Georgia


Fake Florida is a hot item in Hollywood. More than 70 film and TV productions have used Florida as backdrop in recent years,

That was worth about a half-million dollars to other states.

That’s right, the actual shoots didn’t occur in Florida.

Savannah stood in for Sarasota.

North Carolina was the stand-in for North Florida.

Southern California played South Florida.

Long Island starred for Central Florida.

New Orleans was used for Jacksonville.

If this seems silly, it is, but not so absurd as the Florida Legislature that is a skinflint when offering incentives for filmmakers.

So Florida loses a clean industry to other states that have smartly used government incentives. Georgia especially has cleaned Florida’s clock with incentives, taking every Sunshine State misstep as an opportunity.

“Fake Florida” is a term coined by a Florida Politics story. Critics of incentives contend that a production filmed elsewhere has the same impact as one shot in the state, but that isn’t backed by numbers like those of the Netflix series “Bloodline.”

The trade association Film Florida estimates that the $500 million in lost productions would have used more than 220,000 hotel room nights, produced 110,000 jobs, led to $1.3 billion in spending and increased tax revenues. See more here.


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