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Lawmakers push for tax breaks for film productions in Missouri


Several state representatives have proposed a reboot of Missouri’s film tax incentive program.

The state ended its incentive program in 2013. The last film to receive a tax break from the state was “Gone Girl.” The 21st Century Fox film was shot largely in Cape Girardeau.

Rep. Kathy Swan, a Republican from Cape Girardeau said the production companies’ spending coupled with tourism has brought millions to the local economy.

“It’s not just about the dollars that are spent when (production companies) come here,” Swan said. “It’s about the recognition that it brings our state.”

Swan proposed in a bill that would bring the incentive program back. If passed, production companies could receive a tax credit of up to 25 percent of all in-state expenses. The proposal incentivizes companies to film a majority of each film in Missouri.

The annual cap for the program would be $4.5 million. See more here.


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