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Moonshine Post: We Sundanced. We Slamdanced. But mostly, we Ski-danced.


Call it two-stepping through the trees, blue-running between bar-hops, down-hilling on a down-comforter of fresh, fluffy powder–call it what you want, it was absolute bliss and we soaked up every minute of the thrilling front-row seat to the mountain views of Park City, Utah.

But let’s rewind and recap before we get ahead of ourselves: The Moonshiners left their home of Atlanta, GA before the sunshine arrived on Thursday morning. We flew backward across time zones and arrived in Salt Lake City at the crack of dawn. The reward for our travels was an immediate breakfast at Harvest, where Drew demolished the “best bulgar wheat he’s ever had”. We got bonus tomato soups all-around and were asked if we’d like our avocados smashed or sliced. What a welcome!

Stuffed, ready for the day, and acclimating to the altitude, we walked to the Park City Library to scope out one of the festival’s main stops. Despite the downtown charm and breath-taking scenery P.C. has to offer, we jumped at the opportunity to check into our AirBnb early and stare, instead, at the backs of our eyelids for a while. After glorious naps, Hannah awoke with a headache, Kromer felt “altitude drunk”, and JP and Drew shared a renewed excitement to hit the slopes. And that, they did.

See more and pictures here.


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