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What’s filming in Georgia in February: 34 projects including Dwayne Johnson (twice), Sylvester Stallone, Kevin Hart, Ryan Reynolds, Nicolas Cage


It appears most studios are full right now with a mixture of TV series, films and reality TV. Demand remains solid.

Reality shows account for 12 productions, 17 are defined as TV scripted shows and five are movies.

Even as the state legislature ponders “religious liberty” bills and tinkering with the tax credits. it’s business as usual on the ground and shows such as “Stranger Things” and “Walking Dead” aren’t even back yet. (“Stranger Things” is shooting in Europe right now but should be back in Atlanta soon.)

Shows that have wrapped production since December include:

 the Aretha Franklin film “Respect” starring Jennifer Hudson

“Christmas Love Letter,” some sort of Christmas film

– syndicated entertainment test show “Central Ave” (which will be back in the fall as a weekly show)

– “OJ25,” a documentary shot for CourtTV airing now See more at AJC.


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