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World Box Office: Sonic the Hedgehog showed no signs of slowing down


Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog showed no signs of slowing down as their bright blue ball of lightning claimed a second world number one this weekend, after bringing in $64.6 million this frame. That number brings this adventure-comedy adaptation of Sega’s best-ever selling video game series to a global cumulative of $203 million. In the US, Sonic grossed $26.3 million, enough to leave newcomer The Call of the Wild at its heels. Overseas meanwhile theatergoers gave up $38.3 million to see James Mardsen and the title creature voiced by Ben Schwarz do battle with the series’ archvillain Dr. Robotnick, played here by Jim Carrey. It opened in first place with $6.1 million in Russia. The UK is Sonic’s best pest play outside of America so far at $19.1 million followed by Mexico on $12.3 million and France with $9.1 million. China plays are still on hold as COVID-19 continues to paralyze the world’s most populous nation. With the virus firmly in Italy now as well, with 229 cases reported as of the time of this article’s publishing, expect international sales to significantly drop this coming frame as people in two continents stay far away from closed, crowded, compact spaces.

Second place in the US went to The Call of the Wild from Fox. It made $24.82 in its domestic debut, another $15.4 million from foreign plays. Disney inherited this expensive CGI heavy adaptation of Jack London’s classic novel when it purchased all of Fox’s film assets in 2019. Harrison Ford stars as outdoorsman John Thornton while Buck the Dog, the book’s main character, is played by a team of animators spread across several countries. Omar Sy and Karen Gillan also star. The Call of the Wild took second outside of the US with $15.4 million. These sums stack up against a budget reported to be between $125-150 million.

Third place globally went to Birds of Prey with its combined $17 million at home and abroad. Worldwide sales for DC’s bad girl comic book story are now at $173.7 million. Golden Globe winner 1917 added another $13.8 million and reached a cume of $347.2 million. Golden Globe and Oscar winner Parasite meanwhile took in an extra $12 million and now sits at a remarkable $253 million worldwide. Next week, the thriller The Invisible Man opens in the US along with the coming of youth drama The Ride.


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