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44 Reasons to Come to Atlanta Film Festival


Now in its fourth decade, the Atlanta Film Festival—one of only two-dozen Academy Award qualifying festivals in the U.S. – is the area’s preeminent celebration of cinema.  The Atlanta Film Festival is one of the largest and longest-running festival in the country, welcoming an audience of over 28,000 to discover hundreds of new independent, international, animated, documentary, and short films, selected from 8000+ submissions from all over the world.  It is also the most distinguished event in its class, recognized as Best Film Festival by Creative Loafing, Sunday Paper, 10Best and Atlanta Magazine.

There are many more reasons to attend ATLFF, but here are 44 for our 44th birthday!

  1. It just might change your life.

  2. You can tell everybody at the office you hung out with actors all week.

  3. You want to see movies that will never have a sequel.

  4. You can expand your cultural horizons.

  5. Your Netflix queue isn’t going anywhere.

  6. Every seat comes with free gum. You can check for yourself.

  7. Camera crews will be there. They need you for those crowd shots.

  8. Take a break from politics. For real, you need it.

  9. It’s a great way to avoid your in-laws…

  10. Attending ATLFF can be your fun fact during ice breakers.

  11. You might see future Oscar nominees.

  12. You can learn about people different than you through our international documentaries.

  13. Fear of drowning? You probably won’t drown at a film festival. Probably.

  14. Your chair has a cup holder, which is a perfect spot for your cup.

  15. Why not?

  16. You can watch documentaries about things you don’t even know you care about yet.

  17. You can learn new skills at the Creative Conference from our expert panelists.

  18. It’s a great place to escape your neighbor’s barking dog or sociopathic cat.

  19. Parasite’s Oscar wins inspired you to seek out more international films.

  20. You’ll be in the Poncey-Highland area anyway so you might as well embrace your inner hipster.

  21. Our Opening Night party is a great reason to get dressed up.

  22. You might discover the next big thing.

  23. It will be better than the Fyre Festival.

  24. You get to see what people in film really look like.

  25. Get a great Instagram story and extra views tagging #ATLFF.

  26. Mix & mingle with filmmakers and film lovers during Happy Hour at the Highland Ballroom.

  27. Support the Atlanta film industry with our Georgia Film block.

  28. Laughing burns 2.6 calories per minute, so seeing our comedy block is basically a workout, right?

  29. See film the way it was intended to be seen: on a big screen in a fancy old theater (Plaza Atlanta).

  30. Become an insider.

  31. You’ve never appreciated subtitles more.

  32. You can take your own cast photo on our red carpets.

  33. You’re tired of the Hollywood formula.

  34. Cult classics have to start somewhere.

  35. Give your smartphone the night off.

  36. You’ve probably been to the Clermont Lounge but have you been to the rooftop?

  37. You finally get to ask those burning questions you have during the Q&A’s.

  38. Discover your new soundtrack with our Music Videos block.

  39. The New Mavericks track has astonishing female-led films you should know about.

  40. Your hair always looks good in the dark.

  41. There’s no better film critic than you.

  42. Beer tastes better during a film. Just ask our bartenders.

  43. What better place to find your next crew than at a film festival?

  44. Because your significant other says you never take them anywhere.


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