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Atlanta-Based Writing Studio PenPaperWrite Launches Free Online “Writer-in-(your)Residence” Series For Screenwriters and Authors


PenPaperWrite is a creative community that helps writers—whether an aspiring writer or a pro—get ideas out of their heads and onto paper. To help keep writers inspired and motivated to write during the coronavirus quarantine’s “found time,” PenPaperWrite is launching a free “Writer-in-(your) Residence” series on Thursday, March 19 with daily writing prompts and games on its website at PenPaperWrite.comIn addition, they will begin offering a story building studio Webinar series in April 2020, and their signature 60 Scenes Writing Method workshop as an online, recorded course starting in May 2020.

PenPaperWrite teaches a proven story-building process that helps a writer take their idea and create a story with fully developed characters moving through a well-structured plot.  Writers learn story fundamentals and a scene-writing system, which empowers them to make consistent progress.

PenPaperWrite helps a writer understand the potential of their ideas and how to give them shape and structure. Their signature offering is the 60 Scenes Writing Method, which focuses on the essential elements of every story. The Writing Method is a step-by-step process any writer can use to complete a project – from novel or screenplay to memoir or short story. 

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