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Moonshine & Bare Knuckles Offering Total Remote Post Solution


Moonshine Post and Bare Knuckles Creative have teamed up to offer end-to-end remote post workflows for color, edit, and sound during these difficult times. Additionally, some color and edit sessions are streamable when applicable for collaboration needs.

We are equipped to work remotely by utilizing secure cloud-supported tools including, but not limited to: streaming services, project collaboration, project management, etc.

Rest assured that our collective teams are experienced in and set up to work remotely and will be utilizing systems that have already been tested and tried while adhering to leading Studio, Network and MPAA Security Guidelines.

Our team of editors and post-producers are capable of performing editorial, color, mix, sound design and master on short-form and long-form projects, from ads to feature films.

Our staff can and will continue to schedule, cast, bid and invoice, just as we always have.

We feel confident that with the combined strength of our companies, we can find a solution to see your project through.


Drew Sawyer and Buddy Hall and the Moonshine Post and Bare Knuckles Teams |


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