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Safety Tips for SAG-AFTRA Members, Casting Agencies and Casting Directors Hosting Auditions of SAG-AFTRA Members


When hosting auditions involving SAG-AFTRA members, it is the responsibility of the hosting party to provide a safe environment for the performing of auditions. Additionally, everyone that is participating in the audition process should exercise personal care that can also help keep everyone safe during this time of abundant caution.

Tips for the Audition

  • PROPS: Wipe down any props before and after you use them. If possible or practical, please notify the member to bring their own materials.
  • FOOD: Do not eat unpackaged foods that others may have touched unless they are fruits or vegetables that can washed in warm, soapy water. Make sure to wipe off any boxes, bags or other items you take with you before opening and consuming, and wash your hands before and after.
  • INTERACTION: As much as possible, limit or mime physical interactions that are essential to the narrative.
  • GROUPS: Limit the group explanations to a maximum of ten (10) people in the room at one time
  • DANCERS: Dancers should make sure that set pieces they are being asked to interact with, all surfaces they are being asked to dance on and touch have been cleaned and sanitized between uses.
  • MINORS: Consider allowing parents in the audition room to help manage children.

Other Helpful Reminders

  • Refrain from shaking hands or hugging anyone.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with your elbow or a tissue when coughing or sneezing.
  • Use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol if you do not have access to a sink for handwashing.
  • Carry your own pen to sign paperwork.
  • As often as the opportunity may present itself, take a moment to wash your hands.
  • Bring your own food and water, and maintain social distance from others while dining or in a holding area.
  • Bring your own makeup brush or sponges as appropriate for the audition.
  • Bring disinfecting wipes to use as necessary on frequently touched surfaces you may come in contact with.
  • Bring reusable items for personal use such as water containers, coffee mugs, straws and utensils.
  • Because it is unknown how long the virus can remain on porous surfaces like fabric, costumes and wardrobe, ask the costumers to explain or provide a copy of those procedures and ask if the items you are wearing have been cleaned and/or sanitized prior to you wearing them.
  • Avoid the physical handling of paper work and opt for digital documentation if possible, including all forms that require your signature.
  • Practice social distancing — keep six (6) feet away from people to the extent possible.

If hair and make-up are involved, you should feel entirely comfortable asking for the following:

  • Make-up should be decanted onto a clean mixing palette prior to application.
  • Single use disposable applicators should be used for anything that cannot be decanted.
  • Make-up brushes and tools should be cleaned with alcohol between uses.
  • Hairbrushes and tools should be sterilized between uses.
  • Fresh towels should be provided.
  • Gloves or no gloves? The experts disagree on this one, with one camp stating gloves should be used and the other maintaining that taking gloves on and off actually creates more risk. Everyone agrees, however, that gloves or not, thorough handwashing between clients is a must! Don’t be afraid to inquire (and, if necessary, insist) that your make-up artists and hairstylists wash their hands before touching you, whether or not they are wearing gloves.

You have the right to advocate for your own safety. Be alert to circumstances that would expose you to additional risk and contact the union if it does not appear that producers are taking reasonable measures to mitigate the risk of exposure. You should feel entirely comfortable asking for the following:

  • Access to hand washing/sanitizing facilities.
  • A set free of visibly sick persons.
  • Wardrobe personnel to confirm that they have washed their hands and garments that have been sanitized since their last fitting.
  • If children are involved in the audition, parents or guardians should be supervising their children and be in compliance with the tips contained in this document.

For additional personal protective precautions and recommendations for community preparedness, visit the CDC website here.


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