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Paul Jenkins to Keynote CIMFest June 6


Award-winning comic book and game writer Paul Jenkins keynotes CIMFest with “Creating a Successful Game Franchise”. Join him to look at what goes into creating not just a successful game, but a successful IP that can exist in many media forms.

Other CIMFest speakers include Joe Cassavaugh, Patrick Durbin, Zane Everett, Simon Hoffiz, and Mary McCormick, with more to be announced soon.

CIMFest 2020 is a purely online event, featuring livestreamed sessions and online networking opportunities. Join us June 6 and enjoy livestreams from veteran game developers sharing their knowledge on:

  • Game Design
  • Game Programming
  • Game Art
  • Game Audio, and
  • More!

This year we are accepting ALL talks, but only the top six will be livestreamed. Submit your presentation idea HERE. Then record a 15-45 minute presentation and share the link with The GGDA will either share your link or post your video on its YouTube channel (your choice).  If you are interested in taking part in the Indie Rants (this year’s theme is “Anger Motivation Rants) please contact Rod Obando at We will also have a Discord networking channel for all our virtual attendees.

You can see some past CIMFest presentations here:


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