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Atlanta Company Announces Covid Compliant Storyboarding


Atlanta storyboard studio, Storyboards & Animatics, Inc., offers covid safety compliant storyboarding for film and television.

Owner and story artist, Mark Simon (aka the Godfather of Storyboarding), pioneered long distance storyboarding with productions by making use of the latest storyboarding software.

“Years ago as productions moved around the world,” says Simon, “I needed to be where my clients were without traveling. The Storyboard Pro software was the key.”

Simon helped develop the Emmy-winning software which he has used on thousands of productions, including local productions such as The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Dynasty and Black Lightning.

Along with screen-sharing over the internet, directors are able to see Simon draw as they talk, getting instant approvals, just like sitting together in an office.

“With productions looking for ways to limit the number of office and studio personnel, but still work effectively,” states Simon, “we can stay at safe distances across the internet and still offer the same speed and comfort as we storyboard with our clients.”

For more info, contact Mark Simon at 321-217-1254.

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