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TV shows and movies currently being made in Georgia


Several TV and films have returned to Georgia over the past week, and residents are starting to notice productions taking place in their neighborhoods.

Upcoming films like “Samaritan” starring Sylvester Stallone, and “Dear Evan Hansen” are currently being filmed in our state.

TV shows like the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things,” “Bigger on BET +” and an upcoming series chronicling the life of soul singer Aretha Franklin are also being produced in Georgia.

Here’s a look at some of the recent productions taking place over the past week.

The cast of “Stranger Things” have officially kicked off production in Georgia.

While the cast and crew have been quiet, several fan pages have posted their excitement about the highly-anticipated new season finally picking up again.

The show’s Twitter account teased a photo of a film slate of what appears to be the eighth or ninth episode in progress.

“Meanwhile in the Upside Down,” read a caption under the photo.

Production for “Stranger Things” was halted back in March, when Netflix postponed all of its film and TV shows that were being made, due to the pandemic. See more at 11Alive.


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