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Opinion: Georgia’s film industry again going strong


Eighteen months ago the film industry in Georgia was challenged for survival.

While the stars are not indicative of the politics of the film industry as a whole, the prospect of the “heartbeat” bill had some threatening to boycott our state. We were on the verge of collapse. Some in the Georgia Legislature began to question the film tax incentives.

Thankfully, the storm passed. Then, COVID-19 showed up and all film and television production in the state shut down for about six months.

You’ll be glad to know that, as of August of this year, almost magically, the film industry in Georgia started booming again, and Georgia is the darling of the worldwide industry. The two dozen film studios in our state are booked and have waiting lists for filming. This is largely due to our Gov. Brian Kemp keeping our state’s economy open. If you start a production in Georgia, you know you’ll be able to finish without government shutdowns. That can’t be said of California, New York, the UK, or Canada. Georgia is the only place in the English-speaking world with world-class infrastructure and a competitive tax credit. Major productions can depend on the government for the protection to keep working. See more at AJC.


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