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Georgia Production Partnership Inaugural Georgia Production Summit


Georgia Production Partnership (GPP) held the inaugural Georgia Production Summit (GPS2021) January 15-16, 2021. The two-day Summit, presented by NBC Universal, was virtual, immersive experience for viewers to enjoy panel discussions, keynote speakers, one-on-one sessions, and networking opportunities covering presentations from some of the brightest minds in film, music, and gaming. 

The Summit was monumental to the organization as it continues to transition programming from in-person meetings and fundraisers to an all-online platform. Like so many around the world, Georgia’s industry has been adversely affected by the pandemic. Since in-person events are not an option at the time, this Summit and fundraising event replaced the beloved Annual Summer Industry Party and Holiday Industry Party. 

“GPP’s All-volunteer leadership has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to pivot resources and provide much needed and essential information for free to our members during this unprecedented pandemic, as well as the entire Georgia Entertainment Community,” said GPP Co-Presidents Patricia Taylor and Aneesah Bray. “We have joined forces with partners to provide resources and relief to an industry that has been severely impacted, and we’re also one of the first industries to reopen and bring Georgians back to work. However, in order to continue our mission of protecting Georgia’s production tax incentive we need help. GPP was also impacted financially by the shutdown so supporting this Summit will also be a lifeline to help with our mission.”

“Since 1995, GPP’s primary focus has been protecting the production tax incentive, and strengthening  the entertainment industry in our state,” said GPP Lobbyist Lewis Massey. “Efforts need to continue in educating lawmakers about the positive and far-reaching economic impact in Georgia. That process is ongoing, and will need to be intensified to a greater level than ever before because of the extraordinary times we are living in — the coming year may be the most challenging to date since the establishment of the Georgia Film Tax Credit program.” 


    • Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, Opening Statement on the Industry in Georgia
    • Rob Hardy, Director and Producer (“The Quad”, “Stargirl”, and “Black Lighting”) 
    • Rhayvnn Drummer, Casting Director and Producer (Tyler Perry) 
    • Ric Reitz, Writer/Producer (“Drop Dead Diva”, “Surface”, “Separate but Equal”, “My Parents”, “My Sister & Me”)
    • Wlibur Fitzgerald, Actor/Producer (“In the Heat of the Night”, “Friday Night Lights”, “Prison Break”, “Drop Dead Diva,” “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”)
    • Shay Bentley-Griffin, Award-winning Casting Director
    • Asante Bradford, Georgia Office of Digital and Entertainment Media
    • Andrew Greenberg, President, Georgia Game Developers Association
    • Linda Burns, Producer and PA Academy Instructor, GPP and The Atlanta Film Society
    • Lee Thomas, Deputy Commissioner, Georgia Film Office
    • Brian Beegle, Casting Director, Beegle Casting
    • Chase Paris, Casting Director, Feldstein Paris Casting
    • Marlo Tiede, Head of TV and Film, Stilwell Casting
    • Jessica Fox-Thigpen, Casting Director, Fox Casting
    • Christopher Young, Talent Agent, Smith Young Talent agency

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