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Speaker Ralston Pledges Support of Georgia’s Film Industry

At this year’s annual Georgia Chamber Eggs & Issue Breakfast, Speaker David Ralston was asked about support in the General Assembly for Georgia’s film and digital entertainment industry.  Georgia’s industry was hit hard by the pandemic, but has become a global model for returning to work safely and has been credited for leading Georgia out of a pandemic related recession.
“You can count on the House of Representatives, as long as I’m the Speaker.” he said.  “I’m very clear of my support of that industry, and the things that incentivize it here in Georgia. It has been a huge contributor to our economy.  The collateral benefits of the industry here in the state have been very, very substantial and so I’m going to continue to support it.”

A longtime supporter of the jobs and economic impact created by the film and digital entertainment industry, Speaker Ralston established a house working group on Creative Arts and Entertainment in 2019.  The working group served to support the growth of these industries throughout our state and ensure that Georgia’s workforce is ready for the jobs they create.  During the 2020 legislative session, the working group focused on HB1037, which made needed updates to the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act.

Speaker Ralston went on to share an exciting announcement about the working group for the 2021 session.  “I think their work has been so important, and this industry is so important, that this year we’re making that working group a permanent standing committee,” said Speaker Ralston.  “We’re only the second state in the nation to do that. I’m very proud of that.”

Georgia’s creative arts and entertainment industry supports more than 200,000 jobs statewide, and represents more than 5% of Georgia’s new jobs annually.  One of the fastest growing industries in the state, the film, television and digital entertainment industry contributes over $4B annually to Georgia’s economy, and continues to attract significant investment to the state.

Please join us in thanking Speaker David Ralston for his commitment to the industry, and the many Georgians and Georgia businesses that depend on it. Click here to view all Creative Arts & Entertainment Committee members.


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