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No Address Now Streaming Proceeds to Benefit Solutions That End Homelessness


Reel2Real Productions announces the digital release of No Address: Part One, featuring Columbia, SC. This 3-day rental is only $4.99, and proceeds will go toward land development and building sustainable communities for the un-sheltered. No Address depicts the criminalization of homelessness and how communities across the country can implement proven practical solutions to address this epidemic.

Series Breakdown:

Columbia, SC: Part One

Theatrical Debut: January 2020

No Address: Part One focuses on the start of criminalizing homelessness back in 2013. It features the individuals that fought to rescind the 2013 unanimous Columbia City Council vote to criminalize their homeless population. The criminalization of homelessness means to go to a shelter, get out of town, or be at risk of going to jail if caught on the streets.

Atlanta, GA: Part Two

Coming 2021

No Address: Part Two reexamines the 1996 Olympics, where modern-day the criminalization started, 2019 Super Bowl, the closing of one of the biggest shelters called “Peachtree and Pine” and present-day COVID-19.

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No Address Website #NoAddress

About Reel2Real Productions: This is the first documentary for filmmaker Caletta Harris, founder of Reel2Real Productions. Caletta started this journey in 2013 and realized through this experience that this is her life’s purpose is to be the visual voice for the unheard. She is a humanitarian that believes human life proceeds any political agenda.


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