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Waycross welcomes movie crew to town


Camera crews filming a big screen movie is not a common site in the little town of Waycross. Yet, the town’s charm was enough to convince a director as the right place to make his movie.

“Our whole town is excited,” Waycross salon owner Jamie McQuaig said. “It’s surreal.”

McQuaig is how director Randall Emmett, best known as the producer of Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman,” was familiar with the small Georgia town.

“Years back, my fiancé, Lala, had been invited to a hair salon that was in Waycross to make an appearance. We went and she did this appearance. I just remember the town is you know, very unique and very small and very, very welcoming,” Emmett explained. “Two years later, I had this movie, and we were going to originally shoot in Columbus, Georgia, and the town was just too big. It wasn’t kind of how I imagined it. We were there scouting. I said to everybody, why don’t we fly over to Waycross. I remember this town, let’s go see it.”

He decided Waycross was the perfect spot to finish the movie, which was also filmed in Puerto Rico. He got a warm southern welcome when he arrived. See more at


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