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Columbus lands Neon Highway, a feature film starring Beau Bridges and Rob Mayes


The producers of Neon Highway, a feature film starring Beau Bridges and Rob Mayes, held a press conference on Monday. The movie wrapped its month-long shooting schedule this week. Neon Highway was shot exclusively in Columbus, Pine Mountain and Hamilton, GA. A press conference was held Monday.

Twenty years ago, Wayne, a singer/songwriter, was a heartbeat away from making it in Nashville when a car crash ended his dream. Now a working man struggling to support his family, he chances to meet the washed-up country music legend, Claude Allen. Wayne rekindles the dream in Claude, so together they go to Nashville with one of Wayne’s songs, believing that with Claude’s fame and contacts, they can make a deal. Problem is, the industry has changed, and no one is interested in the song, and especially Claude. They are devastated and out of options until Wayne figures out a way to outsmart the system and get the song out to the public, not for himself, but for Claude.

Bridges stars as a country music singer alongside actor Rob Mayes in the film. “I didn’t know that at age 79 I would be stepping into a recording studio with some of the best country and western music singers around and playing the part of a country and western music star. I guess, I sing and play the guitar. I’ve always loved music as a hobby,” Bridges told WTVM.


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