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New Jersey Attempts to Poach Georgia’s Film Business


Georgia’s potential loss could be New Jersey’s gain. At least that’s what the Garden State hopes.

Amid backlash to Georgia’s newly passed voting law, New Jersey is attempting to poach business from the Peach State. On Thursday, Gov. Phil Murphy sent a letter to some of the major studios, including Netflix, Disney and Warner Bros., condemning the election law, which ushers in more rigid voter restrictions like ID requirements for absentee voting, limiting the number of ballot drop boxes, and making it illegal to give food and water to voters in line.

“I’ve watched the recent decisions coming from the Georgia State House with disappointment. Restricting the right to vote is more than just wrong, it’s un-American,” he wrote, in a letter obtained by The Hollywood Reporter. “These voting restrictions have thrust Georgia into the national spotlight, with the vast majority seeing the State’s decision as an attack on people of color by a Governor and Legislature willing to do anything to stay in power.”

He then went on to sell them on the state’s 30 percent tax credit on film projects, which is on par with Georgia’s generous tax incentives, and also note a 40 percent subsidy for any brick-and-mortar studio development in the state. “Our new $14.5 billion economic incentive package makes the Garden State just as competitive as Georgia to attract film and television production businesses,” he wrote, adding that there’s ample opportunity for growth in New Jersey’s entertainment and production industries. “One thing is clear: when it comes to social policies, corporate responsibility, and — not to be overlooked — economic opportunity, New Jersey is now a top contender for your business.” See more here.


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