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Savannah Crew Highlight: Floyd Justice, Key Medic, Medic Coordinator



Highlights from my career include:

Nationally Registered Paramedic since 1985

Worked in Film since 1994

Paramedic Department Of Defense

Paramedic Supervisor Medstar Ambulance service:

Bike Medic

High angle rescue team

Heavy rescue expert

Flight Paramedic With Lifestar Helicopter

Tactical Medic:

Savannah Police Dept Swat Medic

Ft. Stewart Strategic Reaction Team Tactical Medic / Commander, Tactical Medic Instructor

1996 Olympics Lead Medic On Lead Rescue boat.

Fedex Championship Series Indy Car: On Track Safety/Paramedic/ Firefighter


Advance Cardiac Life support

Basic Life Support (CPR/First aid)

Prehospital Life support

Ga. State Paramedic Preceptor

From Savannah Regional Film Commission. See more pictures and crew highlights here.


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