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Spotlight on Georgia: A Producers’ Perspective Tomorrow, April 28


With all eyes are on Georgia, please join EP’s Joe Chianese for a conversation with a dynamic group of producers and industry & incentive experts, as they discuss what’s happening in Georgia, including COVID-19 protocols & practical applications, digital production tools & solutions, the current audit process & pending agreed upon audit procedures, as well as a legislative update on the Georgia Incentive Program, and much more! Watch, Learn, Listen, and PRODUCE!

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EP is honored to host:

Bonnie Weis, Producer: “Legacies” (CW/Warner Bros. TV)

Gideon Amir, Producer:  “Doom Patrol” (HBO Max),

Mitchell Galin, Producer: “Creepshow” (AMC/Shutter)

Peter Stathopoulos, Partner: Taylor English & Bennett Thrasher

Andra Reeve-Rabb, Dean – School of Entertainment Arts; Savannah School of Art & Design

Tomorrow at 1:00 EST.

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