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GPP May Meeting: The Importance of Education in the Georgia Entertainment Industry

Join GPP on Tuesday, May 4th at 12 pm EST for a discussion about education in the entertainment industry in Georgia! This month features a powerful panel of creators and educators who are power houses in Georgia. One of our most insightful panels with talent from multiple spaces covering entertainment, education, and mentorship. We are proud to introduce our new education chairperson Nina Packer and moderator of our panel! Make sure to tune into our facebook page for it’s premiere tomorrow!
Moderator: Nina Packer, Educator/Philanthropic Strategist, GPP Chairperson of Education
Lisa Ferrell, Producer/Georgia State University’s Creative Media Institute (CMII)
Diane Ashford, Producer, Symmetry Entertainment
Phillana Williams, Director of the Atlanta Office of Film and Entertainment
Kate McArdle, Director of Film Workforce Development, Georgia Film Academy
Tim Elliot, Georgia Department of Education, Program Specialist, Career, Technical and Agricultural Education
Xiomara Cromartie, Assistant Western Region Director Local 600 IATSE
Rob Hardy,  Director/Producer – Rainforest Entertainment/Founder of Amazing Stories Foundation Film/TV Apprenticeship Program

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