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Expansion of Pennsylvania film incentive program not included in new state budget


The Pennsylvania Legislature opted not to include a proposed expansion of the state’s film incentive program in its 2021-22 budget — a setback for the local entertainment industry’s efforts to entice more Hollywood projects to film in the commonwealth.

Sen. Camera Bartolotta, R-Monongahela, introduced a bill earlier this year that would increase the cap on the film incentive program from $70 million to $125 million. Though that won’t happen during this budget cycle, her legislation is still on the table for further discussion.

“I am disappointed that this budget did not include an increase to the current level of investment for the film production tax credit program,” she said in an emailed statement. “This tax credit is the catalyst that leads filmmakers to flock to Pennsylvania and ultimately results in more jobs and more spending for the economy. … I remain hopeful that we can address this issue when the legislature returns in the fall.”

The Pittsburgh film office recently reported that 19 movie and television projects with a combined production budget of $650 million are looking to film in Western Pennsylvania in the next six months. Increasing the cap could have made it easier to get that business. See more here.


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