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Thomasville Pictures planning two more films for this year


The film industry has picked up around Thomasville, thanks to the production service company known as Thomasville Pictures.

The company doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon with two projects currently being filmed in Thomasville and two more unnamed films planning to be filmed later this year.

“There’s two new films this year that we’re going to bring,” said Allen Cheney, executive producer of Thomasville Pictures. “We haven’t announced it yet because we can’t do that but we do have two other films slated for this year, which means we will have done at least five films in Thomasville through our company Thomasville Pictures.”

Cheney, a Thomasville native, and partner Ryan Smith, said they started the company with the intent to bring more production to southwest Georgia.

The company started in 2019 with their first project “The Tiger Rising,” starring Queen Latifah and Dennis Quaid. They then began filming their second project “One Way” in February starring Kevin Bacon and Machine Gun Kelly.

“The Tiger Rising” is set to premier on June 24, according to

“A few years ago, Thomasville had never had any films or anything taking advantage of the wonderful Georgia film model,” Cheney said, “so I decided to bring some of my projects down here (Thomasville) and see how they went and they took off and did great. I’ve brought a few more and everything seems to be going well.”  See more here.


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